Friday, 7 June 2013

"Pretty" Amazing Woodturning Date Night

We had an amazing date day on Saturday!  Ed and Arlene Pretty made our date so special and amazing!  First they opened their home to us and we saw amazing works of art, we got to know each other and hear about the art of woodturning for art's sake.  Their website is here and check out the pieces....  We think we could have talked for hours about wood; getting to know Ed and Arlene was so natural and it felt as though we were chatting with old friends. 

We headed out to the work shop, where Ed showed us the wood lathes, the tools we would use and the safety equipment we would wear.  I had to admit I was a tad nervous, me being accident prone and all, however I was game.

So here's some pics...

Before: one big block of wood.  We got to practice on other wood first before turning our hands to these pieces. 

We learned that woodturning isn't just for functional pieces; it's for art work.  And art work isn't just for walls, it's for counters, mantles, tops of name it!  The next time you go to an art gallery, don't just look at the walls, look at all the pieces of art. 

During:  woodturning's get lost in it.  It felt as though it was just minutes but hours went by as we learned the basics of woodturning from an artist with great passion.

After:  yes, we made these!  How can artists possibly discount the great works of art woodturners create. 

Ed and Arlene, we can't thank you enough for your kindness, your knowledge, your enthusiasm and your friendship.  It's amazing how small this world is eh?! 
It was an absolute pleasure to meet you both.   PJ should be calling you about buying a wood lathe soon.  :)   I believe we've found an art form we love.

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